Mastabol by British Dragon 50mg/ml 10ml



  • Ingredient: Drostanolone Propionate
  • As known as: Mesteron, Masteron
  • Content: 50mg/ml 10ml
  • Manufacturer: British Dragon

Many people wonder what the best type of steroid to cut Masteron with happens to be. There are a large number of preferences and just as many opinions about this subject due to the fact that Masteron can be cut with a large number of other anabolic steroids in order to increase results. The manner in which this compound binds with androgen receptors causes it to be a highly androgenic substance. This makes it a good candidate to cut with a large number of steroids such as Tren and Anavar. Due to the way that Stanozolol works a stack that includes both Winstrol, a brand name of Stanozolol, and Masteron would have a synergistic effect. The ability to reduce SHBG and the non-AR mediated effects of Stanozolol are the main reason for this synergy.

One important item to remember is that Masteron will reduce your natural testosterone production during use. This drug will need to be injected every two days with a minimum of 100mgs for the desired effect to occur. Add in Testosterone Proprionate in order to negate the natural testosterone loss. Some people enjoy multi-stacking during a cutting cycle. Adding in Winstrol,
Testosterone Proprionate, Equipoise, and possibly Tren will maximize the effects and allow for the best results.